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Wisdom Teeth Hamilton

The third molars, furthest back in the mouth, are called wisdom teeth because they are the last to break the gumline. This tends to happen when a person enters their late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are prone to misalignment, causing pain and discomfort. This can lead to damage of the gums and jaw, and so extraction is often necessary.

We can determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are growing properly through X-ray. If it is discovered that your wisdom teeth will cause problems once they surface, we will recommend that you have them removed. If misalignment is detected early, we can remove the tooth before it emerges through the gum.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental surgery. After your wisdom teeth have been removed, we will advise you on proper care during the healing process. After just a few days you will be able to resume normal activities.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure and may be best for you. Call Upper Ottawa Dental for a consultation.

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