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Invisalign Dentistry Hamilton

Invisalign is a brand name alternative to braces that is meant to be more comfortable, less invasive and less noticeable than braces. They are worn by the patient for most of the day, and over time they will realign a patient's teeth to the shape that has been agreed upon by the dentist and their patient.

Invisalign are clear teeth aligners, designed to offer an alternative to attached metal braces. These are constructed from a special resin that is hardened into a clear plastic that the patient can then wear and remove on their own.

Our dentists will use 3D imaging or a physical mold to determine the precise teeth alignment necessary. You will discuss the movements of your teeth with your dentist, ensuring that the resulting position and bite will be comfortable, and exactly what you wanted! You can preview your new smile at this time, so you'll know just how your teeth will look once your Invisalign treatment is complete.

You'll receive your custom-fitted aligners which are made of a clear plastic that is virtually invisible, so no one will even notice that you're wearing them. This device will shift your teeth very slightly, moving them horizontally, vertically, and even rotating them in some cases. You'll wear them for approximately 20 hours a day for the allotted time, and when the treatment is completed you'll see your brand new smile!

If you or someone in your family would like to consider Invisalign, call Upper Ottawa Dental for your consultation!

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