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Hamilton Sports Guards

Your teeth may be tough, but your lifestyle may be tougher! While teeth are strong enough for chewing hard foods, they may not withstand sudden, strong impacts. If you have an active lifestyle, you should consider investing in a custom-fitted sports guard. Likewise, excessive grinding of your teeth can weaken them over time.

If you experience bruxism, or teeth grinding, while sleeping, a bite appliance may be your best option to prevent tooth damage. If teeth grinding goes unchecked it can lead to worn teeth, as well as headaches and earaches. To prevent teeth grinding we recommend a bite guard. This is a simple device that is worn while sleeping, and it is designed to keep your teeth in place. We will help you choose the guard that fits your mouth best so that you can continue to sleep comfortably.

For our active patients, we recommend a mouth guard to protect your teeth from any sudden damage. Cracked or broken teeth can lead to many oral complications, and often need immediate treatment. To avoid additional discomfort and cost, invest in one of our custom sports guards.

To prevent damage to your teeth from excessive grinding or sport injury, invest in our custom mouth guards. Call us to book a fitting.

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