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Hamilton Dental Restoration

Upper Ottawa Dental is pleased to offer many dental restoration options. We provide services such as fillings, crowns and bridges to ensure that your damaged or deteriorating teeth may be repaired and restored. To ensure your teeth are as strong and healthy as possible, consider dental restoration today! Call or visit our website to book an appointment.


If tooth decay goes unchecked, the enamel coating protecting the teeth may deteriorate. The result of this is a small hole, better known as a cavity. When cavities occur, a filling can be used to prevent further damage to the tooth. Metal and composite fillings may be used to fill cavities, and in time the damaged tooth may be restored.


Sometimes a tooth may become damaged, misshapen or discolored. To restore the tooth's look and function, a crown may be used. Crowns, also called "caps", are artificial coverings that are permanently placed over the tooth.


An inlay is a specific sort of filling that is used when a greater degree of tooth decay has occurred. Unlike a filling, which is administered into a cavity and left to harden, an inlay is fabricated before the procedure occurs and is then cemented into place.


An onlay is very similar to an inlay, but is intended to specifically improve the cusp (or point) of the tooth, to improve biting strength.


A dental bridge is a permanently affixed restorative measure that literally bridges the gap of missing teeth. A bridge is intended to fill the space left by missing teeth, and generally consists of an artificial tooth that has an anchoring crown on either side of it.

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