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Dentures Hamilton

Dentures are a device that is worn when most or all of a person's teeth are missing. If many teeth are lost due to injury or tooth decay, dentures may be recommended. Fitted dentures are designed to be worn throughout the day, and behave much like natural teeth. They will assist with normal speaking and chewing, and they will look like a complete smile. Dentures must be removed at night, and still require proper cleaning. Dentures are removed at night so that the mouth can relax during sleep.


There are two types of dentures. Partial dentures are designed for patients who have a small number of healthy teeth. Partial dentures are designed to fit onto these teeth so that they are held in place.

Complete dentures are advised when a patient is missing all of their teeth. Complete, or "full" dentures are held in place by suction, or they may be affixed with dental implants. Dentures take time to adjust to, but after the initial transition of wearing dentures has taken place, they provide a comprehensive, comfortable solution to tooth loss.

We can advise you on what denture option is best for you, and we will ensure that they are properly fitted. Once your dentures are in place, we will help you adjust to wearing them by providing information on proper handling, cleaning and care of your dentures.

Dentures allow you to keep smiling even after significant tooth loss. Call us to learn more.

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