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Our Technology

Dentistry has undergone many revolutions over the years, and it is constantly evolving even today. Please read on to learn about the technology that we use.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are the world's newest answer to the dentist's mirror. Instead of relying on small reflections that only our dentists can see, we now use tiny, maneuverable cameras that can take digital images of the inside of your mouth. This way, both yourself and your dentist can examine the state of your teeth and gums together.

Digital X-rays

Replacing the former technology of film X-rays, digital scans offer a number of advantages. Modern X-rays rely on lower radiation levels, limiting exposure. The images produced are of a much higher quality than film X-ray images, and so it is easier for a dentist to pinpoint any decay or disease that may be forming. Also, digital X-rays offer the same benefits as other digital media, so they can easily be stored to a hard-drive for future reference, or they can even be e-mailed!

Panoramic X-rays

Similar to a digital X-ray, the panoramic option will capture images of your entire smile, as well as your surrounding gum tissue and jawline. This comprehensive image allows for a complete assessment by our dentists and provides our patients with a proper view of their entire dental structure.

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